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  • Our approach is that of curator, culling, distilling, essentializing. The ultimate goal being to amass a collection of music that is diverse, intelligently produced and concept driven. We strive to obtain selections for our archive that will be no less vital to posterity as they are to today's listeners. Release Musiq also serves as a platform where artists are supported in the perspective that the quality of their creative output is far more valuable than the quantity. Where they are encouraged to explore fusion with traditional rhythms and indigenous flavor, yielding dance music that moves forward into the global scope of our dance culture. New talent is paired with veterans in the Industry, producing a polished offering that is filled with fresh textures, narrative music that serves to engage the dancer and listener alike. The synthesis of these elements cultivates a canon of work that addresses the enormity of the human condition. Music that speaks to our old souls, emotion no body can resist. Plainly put, “music that moves you.”