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  • Estrada records settled in Belgrade (Serbia). is an authentic project that represents music as mishmash of various genres: minimal, house, techno with elements of jazz and etno sound. Some tracks on this label are tending to be more experimental, but always keeping recognizable style of each producer. Headliners of Estrada records will be Igor Krsmanovic , Andreja Z, DJ Royce, and many others, Sinsia Lukic ,Miroslav Pavlovic, Marko Nastic, artists that have been released, since now, wide range of extremely original tracks, promoting in region completely new style in music production. Their music has been supported by some of the biggest name in Djing world sceene, and they are pretending to become a group of new young producers, with the idea to draw the most enthusiastic crowd reactions on the Balkan! Estrada, with the aim to gather new creative talents from this region (and worldwide), will althought give a chanse of hearing brand new sound to the people all over the globe!