smiley fingers



  • Smiley Fingers is an independent record label based in London run by Larry Cadge. The label’s sound ranges from techno to house, blending powerful grooves and melodic structures, to create not only good music but a positive experience on the dance floor. During the years the label built its reputation releasing more than 200 releases, with artists like Larry Cadge, Betoko, Gunnar Stiller, Danny Serrano, Ray Okpara, Rick Sanders, Marko Nastic, KlangKuenstler, Tapesh, David Herrero, Darin Epsilon, Samu.l, DJ Le Roi, Alexander Aurel, Freakme, Mattia Pompeo, Bombay Traffic, Lomez, Hauswerks, Di Chiara Brothers, Rich Wakley, FreedomB, Basti Grub, Saeed Younan, Haze-M, ANoR, Da Fresh, Xenia Beliayeva, Mobius Strum and many others.