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  • T-BET RECORDS White T-Bet has strong roots in techno – that’s what the T stands for, and the team believes in techno enough to bet their lives on it – there is no singular sound that defines its output. With manifold influences, the music can range from sunny and melodic to esoteric and psychedelic, expressing a panoramic range of moods, sometimes suited for communal clubbing, other times for reflective solitary moments. As Resident Advisor summarized, “T-Bet's sound has a kind of jazzy electronica flourish, but with strong, floor-focused riffs and sturdy drums.” Although the productions use a wide variety of textures, there is one factor uniting the T-Bet repertoire: an interaction between electronics and traditional instruments. With this in mind, the label frequently features collaborations between Ableton addicts and “proper” musicians (Andreoni himself is a classically trained jazz guitarist) from Italy and around the world. Since 2009, T-Bet has released works from a plethora of talent including Jay Haze, Alessio Mereu, Cherry Baker, Rio Padice, The Clover, Gabriele Carasco, Angelina Yershova, Signor Andreoni and Acirne – either under their own names or in collaboration under the project banner Diamond Dog. After a series of well-received 12” EPs, T-Bet Records took the next step by establishing T-Bet LP for full-length albums. The label’s sound and artistry continue to expand, while retaining the guideline of quality and musicianship… TBET001 Xpansul & Alessio Mereu - From Somewhere to Nowthere TBET002 Alessio Mereu - Rumba 31 TBET003 Matteo Spedicati - Meine Liebe (Bunkers rmx) TBET004 Mr Bizz - Esta Manana (Ferlin & Oasi Diamond Dog Rmx) TBET005 Diamond Dog and Cherry Baker - When The Dog Eats The Cherry (Rio Padice Rmx) TBET006 Jay Haze / Signor Andreoni - Time for Some Action EP TBET007 Acirne & Rio Padice - Naked City EP