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  • Remember the 80s when clubs would play any kind of genre? At Pearlicka Records we want to bring this feeling back. We are not focusing on a special genre, just on great high quality music. Genre cross promotion is our philosophy! Hip hop mixes of the progressive house hit. A children lullaby out of a drum and bass track. Chill Out mixes of the Audio Book. Anything goes! We are working on a compilation series called the "Lost Pearl's of House Music". This compilation series will focus on big house hits, which got overlooked. They might have been huge successes in a few clubs but never gained the worldwide recognition which they deserved. All tracks will be tightly re-edited and mega mixed, to focus on the elements which give them hit status and to sparkle interest in the original releases as the compilation will only feature the edited, short versions plus a DJ mix. With the help of the great people at Believedigital our releases will be distributed to over 140 legal digital download stores worldwide and get the best possible PR attention.