• Skryptom is a french label established in Paris founded in 2006 by Electric Rescue to release all his crushes without any strategy but techno passion. Skryptom is an artist house who doesn’t do any one shot releases, the artist roster is only based artist the label developp in time. Skryptom propose a real label with a techno phylosophy and artist developpment. The story started at the middle of 2000’s during the minimal techno trance period, with the hit “air conditionné” from Julian Jeweil, “my toyz” from Popof and “midnight” from Laurent Garnier and Scan X. But the style of skryptom quickly moved to pure techno sounds to go back to the techno roots combine to modern senstions and sounds With releases from Electric Rescue, Psycatron, Traumer, Maxime Dangles, Moteka. Since 2010 skryptom is definitly pure techno, sometimes rough, sometimes melodious and always techno with releases from all the skryptom roster artists plus Dusty kid, Leghau, Paul Nazca, Dustin Zahn and Tim Xavier, always combine to great remixers like Truncate, Johannes Heil, Mark Broom, Slam, Jonas Kopp, Florian Meindl, The Hacker. Skryptom always pay attention to the young techno generation, the label always developp new comers like Traumer, Maxime Dangles, Julian Jeweil, Popof, Moteka, Shekon and the new one Kmyle who’s arriving in spring. 2015 is a new step, to help the artists better and give them the possibility to express themselves in a freeway of global electronic expression, the label decide to release albums. All the artist from the roster Maxime Dangles, Traumer, Paul Nazca, Leghau, Moteka, Shekon, Kmyle and Electric Rescue are invite to propose their own album on skryptom and the first who did it is Maxime Dangles for a huge “Resilience” LP of 12 tracks from electronica to techno to give a global view on his music. “Resilience” is the first abum but not the last as Electric Rescue and Traumer already announced their own one before the end of the year … Techno is the leitmotiv from