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  • Loopfreaks Records is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and was founded in the summer 2006 by Kristian T. Andersen (A&R/Legal Affairs) and Brian Jensen (Events/Finances). As of May, 2008 we split up Loopfreaks into two labels. Loopfreaks Records and sister label Loopfreaks Black. Loopfreaks Records musical profile is UK/US, Funky, Jazzy/Soulful, Deep, Club and Jackin House. No limits and innovative music with a strong Groove and quality Production. Our releases can be found on all major Download shops such as Beatport, Traxsource, Ibizadanceclub, iTunes, Juno, Audiojelly, 3Beat, Stompy, Djdownload etc. and we have managed to attract a rooster of upcoming and established artists such as Blackliquid, Christian Scott, Clemens Rumpf, Lenny Dee, Craig Mitchell, Don Stone, Fresh 27, Kris Andersen, Jack Fresh, Soul De Marin, Kenquo, Sasha Alazy, MoWz, The Durand Ross Project, Castlebed, Igor Valente, El Funkador, Jack Fresh, JG Project, Cesar Vilo, Jordan Rivera, Lucas Keizer, Midway Strangers, Orlando Voorn, Tommy Largo, Prunk Le Funk, Raul Moros, Scibi, South Lovers, Studiopunks, Tom Conrad and many more.