Casanova Bar



  • The Concept of Casanova Bar started in the autumn of 2014 as a location of countless, never-ending AfterParties situated in the heart of Berlin. Through these events, Casanova Bar has developed and shaped it’s unique sound, which was bound and consolidated by the creation of its own Record Label in the early 2018. After only a few releases it has obtained the support and respect of some of the most influential Techno Artists of the past and present. With a style ranging from pounding bass lines, to minimalistic Techno beats, to ambient soundscapes, Casanova Bar has no prejudices and no flags in terms of genre and sonorities. 
We have created a Platform where our friends and lovers of quality Electronic Music have the opportunity to release their creations for the public in the most direct and real way possible, free from any restrictions and constraints of the contemporary industry. Contact and Demos: [email protected]