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  • Multi Vitamins was created by Edouard Darracq aka Doudou Malicious initiated as a series of events and rooted within London's eclectic electronic scene in 2004. Multi Vitamins' night was the perfect location to seek and find unmissable emerging artists and music. A stop-off for plenty of now internationally known djs/producers (Argy, dOP, EKkohaus, Gummihz, Italoboyz, Kabale Und Liebe, Margaret Dygas, Mark-Henning, Massi DL, Miss Fitz). It was surly one of the most important weekly attractions to meet up, exchange musical views and listen to a broad range of music. As Multi Vitamins events were gaining more recognition as "a night to be" around London, Multi net label was the first concept born in 2005. Multi has had a diverse musical approach and listeners can search and download easy listening, down tempo, electronica and experimental music. Multi Vitamins records was then formed in 2006. It was the next logical step as Doudou Malicious's series of showcases were rising in demand. The label provides a platform for dexterous artists. It's first projects explored the field of minimalism in electronic music and flirted with various innovative sounds. Multi Vitamins records is now focused mainly on multiple forms of minimal house and techno. The label is divided into 2 different projects: mV = vinyl & digital releases MVD = digital releases