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    9 Mar 2012
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  • Charting the career of one of Norway's finest musical exports.
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  • Norwegian producer Lindstrom may be known primarily as a purveyor of space disco, but his new album surely puts the lie to that sort of pigeonholing. Six Cups of Rebel is a prog fantasia, an album in the spirit of Todd Rundgren's genre-spanning '70s masterpieces. It's a wild and adventurous ride, one that challenged Lindstrom to produce music in a way and a style that he never had before. That mentality has been a hallmark of his career thus far. Self-contained dance floor singles like "I Feel Space" eventually gave way to the lengthy jams on Where You Go I Go Too. After that, he went pop with Christabelle on Real Life Is No Cool. Speaking right around the release of Six Cups, he even revealed that he was already hard at work on something new altogether. RA caught up with Lindstrom last month in advance of his appearance at this year's Snowbombing to hear all about it.
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