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    14 Oct 2021
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  • Healing house from South Africa to the world.
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  • Sun-El Musician's brand of dance music stands out from his contemporaries by using the darkness of everyday life as fuel for a music of deliverance and healing. Like so many other South Africans of his generation, house was a natural part of his musical environment from an early age. But Sun-EL used this style as a shell for presenting the gospel and R&B sounds preferred by his grandmother and father, along with regional forms like Zulu folk and Kwaito. For the last decade, he's worked hard to develop an audience ready to engage with the soulfulness animating his productions, a mission that's earned him a community of adherents worldwide. Telling emotionally resonant stories is so central to his approach that, when producing another artist, he conducts something between an interview and a therapy session to learn the history and emotions animating the musician, a story which they then take and put on the musical record. On the eve of the release of his new EP AEDM, Sun-EL spoke to Andrew Mensah from his Johannesburg base about the personal experiences animating his productions, dealing with the misrepresentation of South African events on social media and tips for battling perfectionism.
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      Sun-EL Musician - Ululate Sun-EL Musician feat. Bholoja - Amateki