EX.058 Danielle de Picciotto

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    7 Oct 2011
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  • An exploration of the early '90s clubbing scene in Berlin.
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  • Club culture is, by nature, a transitory thing. Things come and go at lightning speed. This is why people like Danielle de Picciotto are so important. In her recently published book, The Beauty of Transgression, de Picciotto documents Berlin from the late '80s through to the present day, touching on her experiences as the co-founder of The Love Parade, an employee at UFO and E-Werk and the many people she encountered along the way. As an artist, fashion designer and musician, de Picciotto had a front row seat to the enormous changes that Berlin underwent after the fall of the Wall. She was one of the few native English speakers to record her experiences, making the book all the more essential to our understanding what makes the German capital alluring to so many.
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      Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke - Ballad of the Lonely Fish - Potomak Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke - On the Road - Potomak