EX.516 The Hour: First DJ Sets

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    Jul 16, 2020
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  • Five DJs remember their first public performance.
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  • DJing in public for the first time is often a nerve-racking experience. Whether it's plagued by equipment malfunctions or human error, or if you're playing to an empty room or a packed stage, it's a trial by fire many DJs don't forget. For a mini-episode of The Hour this week, Carlos Hawthorn speaks to six DJs about their own first experience in the booth, with CC Disco, DJ Seinfeld, DJ Bus Replacement Service, Freddy K, SPFDJ and Sunil Sharpe sharing their stories. From playing a set suitable for a 20,000-strong festival crowd at the local country pub to blaming your train-wreck mix on the lighting guy, these horror stories are terrifying and heartwarming in equal measure.