EX.494 Shed

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    23 Jan 2020
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  • The singular techno artist reflects on his best album yet.
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  • René Pawlowitz is one of the most influential and consistently great techno producers of the last decade. You could pick out almost any of his 15-plus aliases at random and find a discography full of tracks that changed modern dance floors. Head High, EQD, WK7 and Wax—just to name a few of his better know monikers—are all essential parts of the techno canon, which is to say nothing of his era-defining albums as Shed. He's inseparable from the pillars of Berlin techno, having formed deep bonds with institutions like Hard Wax and Ostgut Ton, but his instantly recognisable sound reflects a love of early European hardcore and UK bass styles as much as it does Berlin's steely minimalism. Pawlowitz is fresh off the release of a new LP called Oderbruch, his most thoughtful, personal and arguably strongest album to date. In conversation with Will Lynch, we hear of the concepts powering Oderbruch and rare details of the thoughts and processes behind his inimitable releases. The RA Exchange is also available on Spotify.
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      Shed - Menschen und Mauern Shed - Anfang und Ende