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    14 Nov 2019
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  • Judy Griffith and Andy Blackett reflect on two decades at the top of London clubbing.
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  • Since opening in 1999, fabric has grown into the most significant dance music institution in the UK. It also holds an international reputation reserved only for the venues making an enduring impact on the culture. But most importantly, fabric enjoys real grass roots support from ravers and the dance music community at large. This gave them the strength to endure events like the club's controversial closure in 2016 and is key to their ongoing relevance after 20 years in business. To celebrate those two decades, Tom Faber speaks to fabric's Judy Griffith and Andy Blackett to hear the story of how an old cold storage space became England's most famous club. The RA Exchange is also available on Spotify.
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      Housey Doingz - Fonki Dub Terry Francis - Took From Me