EX.472 The Hour: The changing economics of electronic music

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    19 Aug 2019
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  • Angus Finlayson speaks to Avalon Emerson, Mat Dryhurst, Marta Salogni and others about the impact of streaming services on artists.
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  • Dance music is a multi-billion dollar industry, yet there's never been so much debate over where all that money goes. The inequality of the scene's wealth distribution is now a hot topic, especially among producers. While their music is the engine of the scene, their traditional revenue streams have steadily dwindled, leaving them in an ever-more precarious state. Considered against a precipitous rise in DJ fees and the paradigm shift toward streaming services, it's not hard to see how electronic producers are in crisis. In the first of a two-part series for The Hour, DJ, producer and journalist Angus Finlayson unpacks the factors that led to this state of affairs, and explores how the scene could work toward a more equitable model. He speaks to renowned engineer Marta Salogni, electronic producer Xin, artist and educator Mat Dryhurst, Buy Music Club founders Louis Centre and Avalon Emerson, and Liz Pelly, a journalist who has written extensively on the topic of streaming services' impact on musicians. You can read a written version of the podcast in today's feature. The RA Exchange is also available on Spotify. Producer / Martha Pazienti Caidan
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      Leif - Myrtus [Whities] Joe - Get Centered [Cómeme] Call Super - All We Have Is Speed [Peach Discs] Telefon Tel Aviv - standing at the bottom of the ocean [Ghostly International] BFTT - Ofusc [Gobstopper] Xin - Sucker [Subtext Recordings] BFTT - I [Gobstopper] Unslaved - Screen Drain [Grade 10] Avalon Emerson - Honest Gangster [Spring Theory] Call Super - All We Have Is Speed [Peach Discs] Sky H1 - Hybrid [PAN]