EX.465 The Hour: Vinyl sustainability, posthumous releases

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    4 Jul 2019
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  • This month, we look into the environmental impact of the vinyl industry and the delicate issue of posthumous releases.
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  • The Hour is RA's monthly blend of documentaries, interviews and discussion. Today, RA is launching a new multimedia series dedicated to electronic music and the climate crisis. (You can also watch our film about environmentally conscious music festivals and read our feature about what can dance music do about the climate crisis.) In our audio segment, Tom Faber looks into the environmental impact of physical music formats like vinyl. Considering vinyl is made of pure PVC—a substance that's far from ecologically friendly—discussion and debate has emerged about whether there are any good alternatives. [38:04] When musicians die prematurely, they often leave behind unfinished or unreleased work. Some gets released while much stays locked in a hard drive or vault, never to see the light of day. So what happens when a project is put on hold in the face of grief? In this month's second segment, Krystal Rodriguez explores the delicate issue of posthumous records, finding out who decides when a project should proceed, how projects come together when the creator is no longer there, and when a work is considered truly finished. [11:13] Finally, Chal Ravens discusses her recent long form article for RA that dives into India's electronic music scene, a community of a few thousand in a country of 1.3 billion. [01:18] The RA Exchange is also available on Spotify. Producer / Martha Pazienti Caidan
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      Otik - Theia [DEXT Recordings] Dilbar - MadStarBase remix SL - Homage (instrumental) [SL Music] Laila - MadStarBase remix She Spells Doom - Afterlife II [Monstart] DJ Rashad & DJ Phil - Come Close [Teklife Records] DJ Rashad, Tripletrain & DJ Spinn - Pass That [Teklife Records] Arthur Russell - The Platform on the Ocean [Audika] Swimful - Broken Trapdoor [SVBKVLT] Cherushii & Maria Minerva - This Must Be the Place [100% Silk] Metro Boomin - Dreamcatcher instrumental [Boominati Worldwide & Republic Records] Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Universe [Metalheadz] Vainio & Vigroux - Brume [Cosmo Rhythmatic] Batu - Shiratani [Timedance] Pro.tone - Access Protocol [Sapyens Records] Yak - Skooma [R&S Records] Girl Unit - Roll [Night Slugs] Maribou State - Turnmills (Mano Le Tough remix) [Counter Records] SL - FWA Boss (instrumental) [SL Music]