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    21 Mar 2019
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  • We check in with the London promoters as they prepare to host their first festival.
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  • When Danny and Kieran Clancy began putting on Krankbrother parties, they did so with no long-term vision—it was simply about getting some friends down to Corsica Studios for a dance. Ten years on, they're among the key players in London's electronic music scene. Later this month they'll launch Re-Textured, a four-day festival of techno and experimental music that embraces London's brutalist architecture, with a lineup that includes the likes of Nina Kraviz, Shackleton and Lucrecia Dalt. It marks a new era for Krankbrother, one that began to crystallise when the duo sold their restaurant in East London to focus their energies on music. This coincided with a decision to book experimental acts like Midori Takada, Tangerine Dream and William Basinksi to supplement their parties with big DJs like The Black Madonna and Helena Hauff, a move they said reflects their own changing tastes in music. When they stopped by our London office, Danny and Kieran were still a few weeks out from the first night of Re-Textured. Their chat with RA's Aaron Coultate touched not only on the intensity of putting together a festival, but also wider talking points that'll be of interest to anyone putting on parties for a hobby or for a living, like corporate investment, ever-rising DJ fees and the delicate business of working with local councils. The RA Exchange is also available on Spotify.
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