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    Jan 31, 2019
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  • The cofounder of one of London's best nights tells her story.
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  • Since launching in 2006, Rupture London has steadily asserted its presence on the drum & bass landscape. By combining jungle-era breaks with the dystopian moods of the late '90s and modern day production nous, Rupture hits a sweetspot that's resonating with dancers, producers and DJs alike. Mantra has been running things with her partner Double O for twelve years, and they recently celebrated a decade's worth of parties at Corsica Studios—a serious milestone for any event in London, drum & bass or otherwise. Despite hosting an enviable roster of residents, Mantra is also one of the crew's standout DJs, and while she doesn't describe herself as a full-time producer, her tracks for the likes of UVB-76 and Rupture's in-house label reflect the breadth of her vision. She's also spearheading EQ50, a group that aims to help more women and non-binary people become involved in drum & bass. Their first event combined workshops on DJing, party promotion and music production, doling out knowledge from long-term industry bonafides like DJ Storm and Flight to an emerging generation. In conversation with Holly Dicker, we hear how and why EQ50 came into being as well as getting an insight into Rupture's gradual transformation into a leading light in modern drum & bass. The RA Exchange is also available on Spotify.
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      Mantra - Nocturne Mantra - Mind Games