EX.414 Jeremy Underground

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    Jul 12, 2018
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  • The French DJ gives his most candid interview to date.
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  • What is it like to be at the centre of a social media shitstorm? Jeremy Fichon experienced just that in September 2017, as a dispute over a hotel booking for a gig in Edinburgh spiralled into a controversy that soon acquired its own name: saunagate. Fichon was on the receiving end of a wave of public anger and mockery, as was his agent, with whom Fichon quickly parted ways. Though the incident raised valid questions about the behind-the-scenes murk of independent promotion, for most it was little more than a form of idle entertainment—a chance to poke fun at Fichon and his demands for a sauna. But these online storms often have a deep and lasting impact on those involved. For Fichon, it deepened feelings of anxiety and depression he's encountered since childhood. By his own admission, he's struggled to deal with the backlash, and, ten months on, he says it continues to affect him. In this RA Exchange, the French DJ opens up about the controversy and much more besides, discussing his emotional wellbeing, the ups and downs of life as a professional DJ, and his move to the French countryside.
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      Mirage - Bend A Little Bemouré - You'll Never Know