EX.403 The Hour: 2018's key releases, life on the road

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    26 Apr 2018
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  • This month we discuss some of the year's best releases and ask how artists fill the countless hours they spend travelling.
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  • The Hour is RA's monthly blend of documentaries, interviews and discussion. When we think of our favourite artists we mostly imagine them doing what they do best: performing. But for most artists, this is only part of the story. The busiest acts might spend more time travelling than they do sleeping. We asked Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Nabihah Iqbal, Martyn, Ziúr and Bwana how they fill their countless hours on the road [01.08]. In the second part of the show, RA's review editors, Matt Unicomb and Ray Philp, and RA contributor Emma Robertson discuss some of 2018's key releases, which includes music by Peggy Gou, Donato Dozzy, Alva Noto and Borusiade. Let us know what you think about their selections and share your own favourites from this year in the comments below [18.40]. Producer / Martha Pazienti Caidan Photo / Joan
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      Bakground - Memory Card Swimful - Lost Beds Nabihah Iqbal - Eden Piece [Ninja Tune] Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Who I Am And Why I Am Where I Am [Western Vinyl] Ziúr & Aisha Devi - Body Of Light [Planet Mu / Objects Ltd.] Martyn - KJLFYE3024 [3024] Nabihah Iqbal - Alone Together [Ninja Tune] Chevel - Underwater [Different Circles] Borusiade - Breathe [Cómeme] Daniel Avery - Glitter [Phantasy Sound] Alva Noto - Uni Blue [NOTO] Donato Dozzy - Cleo [Eerie Records] Peggy Gou - Han Jan [Ninja Tune] Krystal Klear - Shockzoid [Running Back Records]