EX.365 The Hour: DJ's opening tracks, Jeff Mills, Macao

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    3 Aug 2017
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  • On this month's show, we tackle the complicated question of how to open a DJ set.
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  • A seamless transition? A palette cleanser? A statement track? We begin this episode of The Hour by asking DJs like Palms Trax, Rroxymore, Jennifer Cardini, JD Twitch, Tasha and Andy Blake to tell us how they open their DJ sets [00:55]. Next, we bring you highlights of Stephen Titmus's recent conversation with Jeff Mills at AVA festival. They sat down to discuss Mills's project Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind, so naturally the conversation turned to some of Mills's favourite subjects: science fiction and space travel [24:12]. And finally, Christine Kakaire reads us a recent feature she wrote on Macao, a stunning arts and music venue in Milan. This is no ordinary nightclub story. The venue is under threat for reasons that go well beyond the usual skirmishes with local authorities [32:58]. Producer / Martha Pazienti Caidan
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      Ghostmane & Clams Casino - Kali Yuga Mana - Consolations [Hyperdub] The Pointer Sisters - Happiness [Planet] Fad Gadget - Collapsing New People [Mute] Wookie - Scrappy [Manchu Recordings] Don Carlos - Alone (Paradise) [Calypso Records] Palms Trax - Honey Lemongina [Dekmantel] Laurent Garnier – The Man With The Red Face [F Communications] Emily - Sangfroid [Yoshitoshi Recordings] LaFawndah - Chili (Rroxymore remix) TSVI & Wallwork - Paradise 660 [Nervous Horizons] Randomer & Cadans - Pyramid [Neighbourhood] Marvin & Guy - The Train Of Fantastic (Fantastic Twins One More Ride) [Life And Death] Jeff Mills - Fly Guy [Purpose Maker] J Jeff Mills - Dejohnette [Purpose Maker] CYPHR - Relic Kablam - Intensia [Janus] Benedek - Tuff Luv [Leaving Records]