EX.360 The Hour: Jlin and Ikonika, RA roundtable, 'Incredible'

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    29 Jun 2017
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  • On this month's show, Jlin and Ikonika interview each other about the creative process, and RA's editorial staff survey the year so far.
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  • M-Beat and General Levy's "Incredible" is one of jungle's most iconic productions. But when it was released back in the '90s, it was a controversial piece of music. We learn how it divided the jungle scene in this month's edition of Behind The Track [01.58]. In the last two months, Ikonika and Jlin dropped two of the year's most engaging electronic music albums. Jlin's Black Origami twisted footwork into strikingly personal new shapes while Ikonika's Distractions was a kaleidoscopic whirl through the possibilities of modern club sounds. Together they talk to each other about how their respective records came to fruition and compare notes on the creative process [08.32]. To wrap up the show, RA's Holly Dicker, Ray Philp and Martha Pazienti Caidan step out of the office to talk about what music has excited them the most so far this year in a new edition of RA's roundtable segment [36.12]. Producer / Martha Pazienti Caidan
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      M-Beat ft. General Levy - Incredible [Renk Records] Peshay - Piano Tune [Good Looking Records] Ikonika - Lear [Hyperdub] Ikonika ft. Sweyn & Jessy Lanza - Hazefield [Hyperdub] Jlin - Black Oragami [Planet Mu] Ikonika - BGM [Hyperdub] Ikonika - 435 [Hyperdub] Jlin - Kyanite [Planet Mu] Jlin - Nyakinyua Rise [Planet Mu] Ikonika - Not Actual Gameplay [Hyperdub] Jlin - Holy Child [Planet Mu] Ikonika - Manual Decapitation [Hyperdub] Critical Mass - Severe Trauma [Dance International Records] Morlock - Weapon of Non Violence [Rotterdam Records] Aphex Twin - Untitled B3 [Warp] Proc Fiskal - £ [Hyperdub] Proc Fiskal - Skulka [Hyperdub]