EX.352 The Hour: Actress, techno feminism, K-HAND

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    4 May 2017
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  • We interview Actress (in a car) about radio, and meet some of the people pushing for equality on the dance floor.
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  • This month's edition of The Hour opens with K-HAND telling us the story behind "B1," an untitled track she wrote back in 1997 that's among our all-time favourite house cuts. Since he was young, radio has been a vital part of Darren Cunningham's personal and artistic life. So on the occasion of his excellent new album as Actress, AZD, we drove across London and had him tell us about his favourite radio stations, which became a starting place for a conversation about all aspects of his creativity. [06.27] To finish the show, Martha Pazienti Caidan looks at how "techno feminism" became an umbrella term for the idea of equality in dance music. She speaks with Umfang from Discwoman, Sybil and Jay from SIREN, Mama Snake from Apeiron Crew, Salt + Sass and others about their work and the recent wave of media attention on this vital and often misunderstood subject. [30.21] Producer / Martha Pazienti Caidan
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      Umfang - Full [Technicolour] K-HAND - B1 [Acacia Records] Actress - Falling Rizlas [Ninja Tune] Actress - X22RME [Ninja Tune] Actress - Untitled 7 [Ninja Tune] Actress - Grey Over Blue [Ninja Tune] Actress - Blue Window [Ninja Tune] Actress - Faure In Chrome [Ninja Tune] Actress - There’s An Angel in the Shower [Ninja Tune] Beta Librae - Voyager 1 [Lillerne Tapes] Umfang - Weight [Technicolour] Nene Hatun - Kûn Beta Librae - Help [Lillerne Tapes] Louisahhh!!! & Maelstrom - Body Music (Acid Dub) [Bromance] Nicola Ratti - W10 [Where To Now?] Rune Bagge - Secret Solutions [Ectotherm] Solid Blake - Burns [Brokntoys] Beta Librae - Sea Dune [Lillerne Tapes]