EX.343 The Hour: Mark Fisher, RA Films, 'Pulse X'

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    2 Mar 2017
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  • Simon Reynolds, Holly Herndon and Kode9 are among those who pay tribute to the late writer on this month's show.
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  • A track that created a musical movement—we begin the latest edition of The Hour by asking Youngstar to tell us the story behind "Pulse X," which is widely understood to be the first-ever grime track and is still massively influential, 15 years after its release. Next, Angus Finlayson speaks with some of the many people who were influenced by Mark Fisher, the greatly respected writer and theorist who we sadly lost back in January. For this moving tribute, Simon Reynolds, Holly Herndon, Kode9, Tamar Shlaim, Logos, Tim Lawrence, Adam Harper, Jeremy Greenspan and Lisa Blanning all gave us their thoughts on Fisher's groundbreaking work and his legacy [06.53]. And we end the show by chatting to Patrick Nation, RA's head of films, who's been at the heart of the 50-plus films RA has released over the past six years. He'll tell us what it's like to become deeply embedded within an artist's life during a shoot, as well as explaining the challenges connected to Real Scenes: London, RA's next big film project, which will be released a little later this year [36.50]. Producer / Martha Pazienti Caidan Suicide Prevention Hotlines Memorial fund to support Mark Fisher's family
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      Varg - Gore-Tex シティ [Northern Electronics] Musical Mob - Pulse X [Inspired Sounds] Youngstar - Track 16 Spooky - Pulse X Rethink Sully - It’s Your Love [Keysound Recordings] Musical Mob - Pulse Y [Musical Mob Royale] Musical Mob - Pulse XYZ Youngstar - Pulse Xtra Youngstar - Pulse 44 [DDJs Productions] Youngstar - Bongo [DDJs Productions] Yamaneko - Shadow Temple Early [Different Circles] Japan - Ghosts [Virgin] Kode9 & LD - Bad [Hyperdub] Burial - Distant Lights [Hyperdub] Darkstar - Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer [Hyperdub] Holly Herndon - Interference [4AD] Rufige Cru - Ghosts of my Life [Reinforced Records] Jessy Lanza ft. DJ Spinn & Taso - You Never Show Your Love [Hyperdub] Burial - Archangel [Hyperdub] doon kanda - Feline [Hyperdub] Kode9 & The Spaceape - Kingstown dub [Hyperdub] Burial - Forgive [Hyperdub] Bambounou - Excluding Natalia [50 Weapons] Yamaneko - Gala Helipop [Local Action] Landside - Signs of Change (Bambounou remix) [Just This] Alex Anderson & Saoirse - The Wilder Effect (Rhythmless mix) Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts #6 [MCDE] Yamaneko - Blemtrails [Local Action] John T. Gast - Those Secluded Preferences [5 Gate Temple]