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    22 Oct 2015
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  • The Hercules And Love Affair frontman on life and art.
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  • Hercules & Love Affair was one of the biggest dance albums of the 2000s, but it began as a student project by a Sarah Lawrence College undergrad named Andy Butler. At the urging of Antony Hegarty, who'd supplied vocals for the project, and with the help of Danny Wang, Butler asked DFA for an album deal, and thus a modern classic was born. In one formulation or another, Hercules & Love Affair have become one of the top songwriting-focused dance acts in the game today, with three albums, a DJ-Kicks mix and a host of singles under their belts. They also gave Frankie Knuckles the raw bits for one of the best moments in the final stretch of his career: his Def Mix-style remix of "Blind." In conversation with Stephen Titmus in London recently, Butler gave some context to the sound and songwriting he's become known for, from his early rave experiences in Denver and New York to the cities and recording studios that helped shape his inimitable sound.
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      Andy Butler - Bewm Chawqk Hexxy - Edging