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    16 Jul 2015
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  • The Metamorphic boss takes us from Cleveland to the world.
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  • Dan Curtin has been a hugely inspiring and influential artist in dance music, but his story begins rather humbly. He's a product of Cleveland, Ohio, a city that had next to no electronic music scene. He ended up turning that isolation to his advantage when he was getting started in the early '90s—without the clear-cut context that house and techno had in Chicago, Detroit and elsewhere by that point, he was free to meld it to his own imagination. The result was an utterly unique sound that caught the attention of DJs and label owners in more established American and international scenes. But as Curtin's career blossomed, he continued to cut his own path, which eventually led him to a partnership with Mobilee. These days, Curtin is going back to his roots, repopulating his studio with hardware and reissuing some of his classic recordings. In his adopted hometown of Berlin recently, he and Jordan Rothlein discussed his long-running Metamorphic label, his friendship with Morgan Geist and the advantages of coming at techno from the outside.
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      Dan Curtin - 3rd From The Sun DC - Midwest Pressure