EX.235 Nina Kraviz

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    29 Jan 2015
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  • Tripping with one of dance music's true personalities.
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  • There may not be a more visible—and more thoroughly scrutinized—artist in house and techno than Nina Kraviz. Unabashedly charismatic behind the decks and in the press, she tends to evoke strong opinions amongst dance music fans, and the discussion surrounding her often veers from the music she plays and produces. The hypnotic and gritty sound that forms the basis of her career can feel like it's hiding in plain sight. So when Kraviz offered to come by our office in Berlin, her adopted hometown, for a chat with Jordan Rothlein in advance of her DJ-Kicks mix, he focussed the talk on her roots and inspirations. For Nina, evolving from a Moscow-based dentist with roots in Siberia to an A-list international DJ has been a trip—a word she often uses both literally and metaphorically, not least in the title of her ambitious new label project—and on this week's Exchange, she takes us on one.
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      Nina Kraviz - Imprv Nina Kraviz - Ghetto Kraviz