EX.223 Critics Roundtable

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    30 Oct 2014
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  • The online underground, anonymous producers and dance albums.
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  • As you likely already know, RA has plenty of writers with plenty of opinions. That's why we started Critics Roundtable, an Exchange podcast in which we sit down with some of the site's contributors to talk about electronic music. RA scribe Angus Finlayson joined us in Berlin earlier this month to discuss three topics. We started with an extended discussion about the online underground and cute, the term that the music critic Adam Harper has coined to describe artists like A.G. Cook and SOPHIE. Harper wrote a piece for us on the subject last month, and along with the podcast we featured from Ben Aqua on the same week, it was just about the most divisive content we've had on the site in recent memory. We then moved on to talk about the idea of anonymity in electronic music, asking ourselves if in this day and age the practice was little more than a marketing ploy. Finally, we discussed the often-awkward role that albums play in dance music. Pinch told us recently that he thinks club music simply isn't designed to be consumed in the full-length format, so we figured out where we all stand on the subject.
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      Doss - The Way I Feel (Life Sim Remix) Felicita - Skip Blush Shifted - Out Of Tune Pinch b2b Mumdance (excerpt)