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    17 Jul 2014
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  • The club's eponymous owner looks back at 20 years in Berlin nightlife.
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  • In the mid-'90s, Heinz "Cookie" Gindullis opened a bar in Berlin's Mitte neighborhood. Now a hub for art and fashion, Mitte was still a post-reunification blank slate, but Cookies, as everyone called it, formed part of a constellation of less-than-legal nightspots in the area. Music wasn't initially the focus—in the early days, Cookie would schlep his stereo down from his apartment—but through a half-dozen incarnations, Cookies became a fixture of Berlin's burgeoning scene. It's the place where a young West Berliner named Ben Klock played before Berghain made him a superstar, and where a generation of Berlin's club cognoscenti spent innumerable Tuesday and Thursday nights. The club has long been a fixture at the corner of Friedrichstrasse and Unter den Linden, but this Saturday's party will bring its 20-year run to a close. With the final night approaching, we had Cookie by our office—which, as it happens, sits above the location of one of his old bars—to discuss one of Berlin's legendary clubs.
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      Oskar Offerman - The Fog Burns Off Ben Klock - Goodly Sin