EX.176 Berlin Vinyl Culture

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    29 Nov 2013
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  • Some key players in the city's record scene sound off.
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  • Berlin has a special relationship with vinyl. Some 20 years since records died as a mainstream format, they still sell like hot cakes across the German capital. In most cities record stores are shutting down; in Berlin, new ones are still opening. Despite their global reputations, these shops are staples of their community, a place where likeminded people meet in person—something increasingly rare in the age of Discogs and social media. They're also completely on top of their game: in Berlin, the record stores have better music than pretty much anyone else. During BerMuDa conference earlier this month, Will Lynch spoke about Berlin's record store culture with four people who know it most: Tinko from OYE, Finn Johannsen from Hard Wax, and two new kids on the block, Etienne Dauta from Bass Cadet and Christian Pannenborg from Record Loft.