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    Oct 25, 2013
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  • We hear the footwork originator's humbling story live at this year's Unsound festival.
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  • Kavain Space told us that he wept with joy when he was on his way to this year's Unsound festival in Kraków. Not only was it his first gig outside of the US; it was also the first time he'd travelled abroad. This is startling when you consider that Space is the man who invented footwork, the frenetic genre that has its roots in Chicago's dance battle scene, and has since gone on to influence countless producers outside of the city. Space's roots are in dancing and DJing. For a time he rolled with the famed House O Matics crew, before going on to focus his efforts on production. In "Baby Come On" and "11-47-99" (otherwise known as the Godzilla track) he laid the foundations for a skewed, 160 BPM style that Chicago's dancers immediately took to. It wasn't until this year, though, with the release of Legacy, that Space's name started to properly resonate outside of Chicago. The compilation, which was released through UK label Planet MU, brought together a decade's worth of his sample-heavy sounds. In person Space was both humble and full of bravado, which made our live interview with him at Unsound all the more fascinating.