EX.151 NTS Radio

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    7 Jun 2013
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  • Bringing East London to the world - and vice versa. We chart the rise of NTS with station founder Femi Adeyemi.
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  • When Femi Adeyemi was made redundant from his marketing job, he decided to act on a long time ambition: to start his own radio station. From its humble headquarters in Dalston's Gillett Square, NTS quickly developed a word-of-mouth reputation for quality and wide-reaching programming. There were a couple of well-known DJs playing regular slots (FunkinEven and Floating Points among them) but the backbone of the programming was—and still is—passionate and hard-working amateurs. Combining the community spirit of local radio with the ease of accessibility of the internet, the station's remit takes in classical, jazz, electronic and experimental music of all hues. There is no advertising on the site and hosts pay their own way; freed of commercial restrictions, the station has flourished. We caught up with Adeyemi in London to discuss the station's origins and his plans to turn NTS into the biggest online radio station in the world.
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