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    12 Apr 2013
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  • The site's Eric Wahlforss lifts the lid on the globally recognised music platform.
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  • You'd be remiss to talk about music in 2013 without mentioning SoundCloud. A tool for distributing and discovering sounds musical or otherwise, it's become ubiquitous over the last few years. TechCrunch reported last December that 180 million people use SoundCloud each month, which represents a staggering eight percent of internet users. Snoop Dog and the Economist might have accounts these days, but it's far smaller fish who have long been at the heart of this community. For producers looking to get their sounds out into the world, SoundCloud has proven invaluable. It's probably no coincidence that Eric Wahlforss, the company's CTO, is an electronic producer himself. But when he and CEO Alexander Ljung brought their startup to Berlin in 2007, the web wasn't an easy place for dance producers to do much of what they take for granted today. RA's Jordan Rothlein caught up with Wahlforss in Berlin recently to discuss SoundCloud's roll in this transformation. And since the site has been growing by leaps and bounds of late, we touched on some of the challenges and innovations on his horizon.
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