EX.113 Dimitri

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    21 Sep 2012
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  • Amsterdam rave history with one of the originators.
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  • When we say that Amsterdam DJ Dimitri was there from the very beginning, that's not an exaggeration. His legendary residency at Roxy began in 1988, and it's often cited as one of the main reasons that clubbing culture in the Netherlands is so strong. Spinning techno, house and everything in between, his reputation stems from his uncanny ability to not only mix complicated rhythms but melodies as well. Production-wise, Dimitri teamed up early on with Eric Nouhan to create twisted techno as Alice D. in Wonderland, but DJing has always been his priority. Until recently, that is. Returning from retirement in 2010, Dimitri is now equally devoted to both disciplines. We caught up with Dimitri in Amsterdam this summer to talk about the Roxy, how the scene has changed over the years and what he got up to during his brief retirement.
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      Alice D. In Wonderland - Time Problem Dimitri & Eric Nouhan - Folkloric Acid