RA x Sonos

RA and SONOS have collaborated over the past five years to tell the stories of the electronic music artists who’ve had an undeniable impact on our scene. We’ve travelled back to their home towns to understand how their experiences have shaped their careers, discovered the records they listen to at home, and, in our latest feature, understood how film has inspired their musical tastes. Explore film, audio, playlists, video essays and more.

Inspired By Film

RA and SONOS discover which TV and movie scenes have inspired five artists’ work


    RA and SONOS trace the roots of electronic music’s biggest stars
    • Hieroglyphic Being

      In the latest edition of our film series with SONOS, we see how Chicago's school of hard knocks shaped a deeply singular artist.

    • Bambounou

      In our latest film in collaboration with SONOS, we hear about the difficult questions over race and identity that have shaped one of Paris's brightest new stars.

    • DVS1

      In the latest edition of our film series with SONOS, we head to Minneapolis, the city where Zak Khutoretsky learned to be a hustler.

    • Jackmaster

      In the next edition of RA and SONOS's film series, we hear how a city's music scene saved one of dance music's favourite DJs.

    • Black Coffee

      For the latest edition in our film series with SONOS, we travelled to South Africa to hear how a national icon was made.

    • Matthew Dear

      In the fourth edition of our film series with SONOS, the Ghostly International co-founder takes us back to the small ranch town where it all started.

    • Magda

      In the third edition of our film series, Magda Chojnacka describes her winding journey across multiple cities and countries.

    • Eats Everything

      In the second part of our new film series, we discover the corporate life that Dan Pearce escaped to become one of the scene's biggest DJs.

  • Home Listening

    RA and SONOS discover what artists listen to at home