Salva - Yellobone

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  • One of the best attributes of Salva's Complex Housing was how it worked in hints of house music, and the producer explores this side of his music further on his first official follow-up on Friends of Friends. "Yellobone" is like a curbstomp: the neanderthal thump is miles away from Housing's nimble hopscotch, and Salva's white noise chords and wobbly snares feel like they're being thrown around by the kick drum. Shlohmo and mysterious entity 2KWTVR collaborate for a remix that shrouds "Yellobone" in the same sunburnt screen of distortion as Bad Vibes. Internet sensation and new FoF signees LOL Boys pull apart the rhythm and insert their usual assortment of skittery fidget rhythms into the slower template, which ends up even more conventionally house than the original. The EP's other two tracks are just as tantalizing: "Obsession" is a sleazy collaboration with SF-sweet talker B Bravo. The contrast of Salva's tactile toms slathered in Bravo's undulating vocoder soul is as irresistible as any R&B slow jam. Finally there's "Komodo," which takes the twitchy percussion of "Yellobone" and splays it over a backbone that sounds like it's slipping on ice rather than pounding into the ground. These aren't exactly "easy" tracks, but they're easy enough to love, with Salva striking oil as he burrows deeper and deeper into his own rhythmic idiosyncrasies.
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      01. Yellobone 02. Obsession feat. B Bravo 03. Komodo 04. Yellobone (Shlohmo & 2KWTVR remix) 05. Yellobone (LOL Boys remix)