Planningtorock - Living It Out

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  • Bolton-born, Berlin-residing DFA signing Planningtorock, AKA Janine Rostron, has delivered one of the year's quirkiest albums with W. The record's most immediately dancey cut now gets a barrage of remixes, spread over two 12-inches. Deep breath as we try and keep this as succinct as possible, yeah? Former Warp man, Jackson, gets all enormous on our asses, at first sympathetic to the space and atmosphere of the original. There are the merest hints of percussive strings and the briefest taste of Rostron's vocals in his oppressive breakbeat-ish house sweep of "Living It Out." The Cosmodelica rerub is whooshing dark disco, while another Jackson take sashays with French house-style big room beats. Laurel Halo reduces "Living..." to a shimmering drone and swell; it becomes a fragile, elegant beauty in the face of all this dance floor devastation. Denmark's When Saints Go Machine summon up the spirits of The Knife and Jean-Michel Jarre in an atmospheric, twisted, electro pop offering of trilled keys and Close Encounters-style synths. Finally, back in the sweaty room, Felix Hot Chip, in Billy Lock guise, unfurls a dark, Moroderesque tale of analogue pulsings and plucked strings that—after five minutes—kicks off into a vicious jackhammer assault. With such breadth, you're bound to find something to latch on to here.
  • Tracklist
      01. Living It Out (Jackson Remix) 02. Living It Out (Cosmodelica Remix) 03. Living It Out (Jackson Alternate Remix) 04. Living It Out (Laurel Halo Remix) 05. Living It Out (When Saints Go Machine Remix) 06. Living It Out (Billy Lock Remix)