Detroit Grand Pubahs - Sandwiches/Club Sandwiches (remixes)

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  • Something has obviously been burning away at Detroit Grand Pubahs ever since they released their potty-mouthed international hit, "Sandwiches," 11 years ago. That something appears to be the need to not leave a legacy that will have "You can be the bun, and I can be the burger, girl" on its headstone. So what better way to launch Engineroom, Mack Goudy Jr and Oliver Way's new techno label, by reinventing their biggest hit? A barrage of double handclaps pepper the 2011 version, as cavernous synth bass stomps its way across the piece and EQs are pressed into intensive action. The UK's Baron Of Techno, Dave Clarke, joins up with Mr Jones as Unsubscribe to attack "Sandwiches" in brutal fashion, with rasping horrorcore synths cleaving at pile-driving beats tethered to a steeplechase of a rhythm track. Prolific Dusseldorf tech house stalwart Marc Romboy then promptly steals the show with a remix which plaits some seriously twisted electro brass into vats of fomenting acid, complete with a screeching breakdown that trips you up by the ankles and drags you feet first into the nearest sweatbox club. A decade old they may be, but these "Sandwiches" aren't quite ready for the trash can just yet.
  • Tracklist
      01. Sandwiches (Original 2011 Version) 02. Club Sandwiches (Dave Clarke & Mr Jones Unsubscribe Remix) 03. Club Sandwiches (Marc Romboy Systematic Soul Mix)