Mathew Jonson - Dayz

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  • Such is the high esteem in which both are held that it's difficult to gauge whether this is a coup for Crosstown Rebels or for Mathew Jonson. Whatever way you butter it, however, "Dayz" has "heavy" written through like a stick of Blackpool rock. That's heavy as in seriously deep, of course. Jonson's gossamer touch delivers the lead track on a bubbling, pinging, rhythmic keyboard riff—think Octave One's evergreen "Blackwater"—that meanders back and forth through the duration in the Canadian's trademark jazz-flecked style. Intricate without being overly ornate, it's as beautiful as dance music gets. "Cold Blooded" is a far darker affair, one to go bury your head in the bass bins to. Snaking congas fill in around an eerie, feline synth motif before a concert hall-sized dubsteppish bassline locks on and doesn't let go. D-Bridge, a favourite of CR head honcho, Damian Lazarus and Jonson, keeps large chunks of the original intact for his remix, winding it into a slab of somnambulant 2-step, but its "Dayz" that will take root in your psyche.
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      A Dayz B Cold Blooded Digital: Cold Blooded (D-Bridge No Love mix)