Eats Everything - Eats Everything

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  • Eats Everything is the latest in a long line of producers to emerge from Bristol's ever furtive bass/house scene. His "Entrance Song" earlier this year was just that, announcing the arrival of a man who's MO seems to be to gobble up samples of anything and everything and pair them with the sort of sleazy, low-slung bass you'd exactly expect of something on Dirtybird. Here it's string snippets from Moby's "Porcelain" which are most recognizable on "The Size" before the aforementioned bounding bass notes elastically bounce about like kids on a trampoline. The whole thing is fun, lovable and could have slotted onto Catz 'N Dogz's charming Escape from Zoo album without any problems. However, it's b-side "Whatever Whatever" that strikes more of a chord. Imbued with a louche euphoria thanks to the repeated female refrain of "whatever whatever," it's the contrast of that up-top R&B airiness with the much more muddled and purposeful bottom end that really appeals. Plump beats and kicks bound and skim along, forever kept in check by some whip-snap, tin foil percussion sounds. The whole thing is impossible not to love for its boisterous and buffoonish charm—a surefire party starter.
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      A The Size B Whatever Whatever