Asian Dub Foundation - Enemy Of The Enemy

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  • Politically charged lyrics, hard rock, ragga rhymes and trip hop all mixed with an Indian flavour make up the Asian Dub Foundation. ADF seem to be part of a brand of groups such as Fun-Da-Mental and Detri-Mental who make Indian flavoured music mixed with other styles and featuring lyrics on a political stance. Enemy Of The Enemy is their new album and it sounds like a healthy cross between Rage Against The Machine, Apollo 440 a bit of assive Attack on the slower tunes and Apache Indian with lashings of tabla percussion, sweet indian female vocals and Indian instruments. The first two tunes, Fortress Europe and Rise To The Challenge bring out the fiery rage ADF seem to have inside them - uptempo and on a hard rock stance, whereas La Haine follows on starting off on a slow trip hoppy Massive Attack vibe building up to a charged up climax. Sinead O'Connor has been known for her political stances and who could forget what she did on TV back in 91/92. On 1000 Mirrors, ADF bring out the trip hop with her on vocals. Slightly dubby and very smoky - Portishead fans may warm up to that tune. 19 Rebellions features Brazillian vocals on top of a frenzied ragga beat that sounds similar to Apollo 440. Blowback and 2 Face are mix ups between slowed down rap rock and double tempo drum'n'bass. The snake charmer intro to the first tune is pretty wicked. Just like the Punjabi MC tune, Power To The Small Massive features heavy use of the tablas in the intro and is a little bit of indian drum'n'bass mixed with ragga vocals. Dhol Rinse is an instrumental tune this time featuring the use of the Dhol drum alongside some vocal shouts. The other instrumental Cyberabad uses a really funky bass line with some sweet female vocals laced on top. Real indian vibes on this one. Basta brings back the sweet Indian female vocals but then rips into an aggressive rock tune and then back again with the female vocals and a few horns to bring out the funk. The title tune, Enemy Of The Enemy comes in last - hard electronica breaks with aggressive lyrics on top. The CD inlay contains their lyrics in full - pretty interesting lyrics - and a picture of the group - they're a damn huge group! Should be interesting to see them out on tour here. It's a pretty listenable album and for those who like a little Indian flavour mixed up with their rock, hip hop, trip hop and drum'n'bass, Enemy Of The Enemy is definitely one for you.