Jonny Cade - Grob Vater EP

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  • In the last few years a spate of emerging talent have been championing the current trend of classic-but-current house music in Brighton—Crosstown favourite Russ Yallop being a prime example. New label Black Key Records looks set to continue the trend. Jonny Cade kicks off his EP for the imprint with the superb "Vertigoed." Starting off a lot darker than it ends up, Cade begins by painting a bleakly futuristic landscape of squawking robotic raptors and militaristic drums. The mood lightens considerably with the addition of chopped and echoed vocal stabs, and Cade's drum programming keeps you on your toes throughout. (You never know when the next kick is going to land.) Cade's former collaborator Ethyl delivers a sparse, dreamy reimagining, with infrequent bass warbles billowing like dark clouds in an otherwise clear vista of washed out pads and wispy vocals. Lush, in other words, but not without a strong sense of purpose, emphasised by the endlessly repeating vocal snippet brutally clipped from the original. Wrapping things up, Platipussy heads deep under the salty earth, muted and claustrophobic until the exultantly shimmering organ temporarily relieves the thick veil of cloying bass throbs in the break.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Vertigoed A2 Vertigoed (Ethyl Rmx) B Platipussy