Terrence Parker - Lost Treasures Vol. 1

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  • I don't yet know if future volumes of Lost Treasures will draw solely from Terrence Parker's back catalogue, or whether the name will simply act as a masthead to re-tell the histories of multiple artists. Parker could probably do it alone. The Detroit house-head has dozens of aliases, the oldest of them stretching back to the early '90s. The 1995 track remixed here—"Love's Got Me High"—came out under the most prolific of them, Seven Grand Housing Authority. Systematic boss Marc Romboy takes the reins on the A-side. When faced with a dominant house vocal such as this, all too often the result is a totally original track with the a cappella pasted on top. Romboy has taken the high road, lovingly polishing the vintage elements and then slowing them to a more reflective tempo. The result is a fetching piece of piano house with a lumbering low-end. On the other side, Jimpster's remix is a bit more daring. An original-sounding bassline plays out alone for some time before the British producer hints at vocals and percussion. When the kick finally comes along, he eases back on these once more, resetting the track to austerity.
  • Tracklist
      01. Love's Got Me High (Marc Romboy's Systematic Soul Remix) 02. Love's Got Me High (Jimpster Remix)