Tornado Wallace - Part 9

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  • It's fitting that Lewie Day's latest record comes via Instruments Of Rapture. In keeping with the label's usual MO, every arpeggio, every shining horn and every chirping disco string on it drags you emphatically to the clouds. It might just be the young Australian's most accomplished work yet. "Rainbow Road" is led by tinkling, spoon-like percussion and the kind of rolling arpeggio often favoured by Nick Chacona. The latter filters slowly downwards over the course of each phrase, always getting renewed at the end with a flurry of glitzy string-work. It takes a while for things to peak, but it's well worth the wait, with a series of disco strings swooping melodramatically up and down the scale and partially obscuring the backdrop of downcast chords. The Revenge's remix retains most of these original elements but adds a giant robotic bassline. This in itself is a touch overpowering, a frustrating blemish on an otherwise polished piece of work. Still, having replaced the arpeggio with a more impelling hi-hat, it should work well for DJs looking for some more punch. Day's other piece, "Don't Hold Back," is very much in the vein of Tiger & Woods. An innocuous loop—probably sampled—spends a good two minutes filtering into place, covering the simultaneous advance of a croaking bass sequence. The final quarter is again where things get heated, gentle soul crooning and guitar licks applying most of the temperature. It's really all about that bassline though, which acts as a kind of logical counterpoint to the high-frequency noodling found on the A-side.
  • Tracklist
      A Rainbow Road B1 Don't Hold Back B2 Rainbow Road (The Revenge Strings Of Fife Mix)