Heiko Laux & Steve Rachmad - The Viking

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  • The term "fodder" has some pretty nasty connotations; cheap, disposable, replaceable, functional. "Filler" is slightly better, though it still implies a sub-standard product. The Viking is better than both those terms. It's the kind of EP that will appear in many a set, and yet probably never be asked about. "7tine" epitomises this sentiment. It's hung around a two-note droning, which drops back and forth metronomically, imbuing the track with a chugging sense of movement. I use the term "droning" loosely; the sound here isn't an ominous one. Coupled with slow-burning filters and dubby atmospherics, this is big room techno at its most obvious. "Carlos" works pretty much the same angle, but offers more of a tech house slant. Flickering percussion and ghostly pad work round out the package this time. "The Viking" itself rests on a surprising bassline, almost a hard house clone with its relentless sucking. This, and its urgent twanging melody give it the most personality of the release, which is really all that's missing here.
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      01. The Viking 02. Carlos 03. 7tine