A Sagittariun - The Circle Stops Somewhere

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  • "The Circle Stops Somewhere" is definitive driving music, even down to the evocation of onrushing traffic in the form of cold, blurred synth stabs. It's also a nostalgically-observed piece of electronic jazz, the dominant motifs of which transport one into a crepuscular world of uncertainty and disquiet. The reliable Mike Dehnert turns in two contrasting mixes. The hard mix sounds like many of Dehnert's other tracks; linear, aggressive and finely-tuned, while the mellow version preserves the original's smoky ambience along the top of a metronomic pulse. "Telepathic Heights" reinforces the jazz influence with a prominent low-slung double bass, which is introduced after a repetitive, lighter-than-air keyboard sequence that puts me in mind of Mark Bell's work as Clarke on Planet E. It's a promising package that manages to encompass bits of the last six decades of music without ever sounding clichéd.
  • Tracklist
      01. The Circle Stops Somewhere 02. Telepathic Heights 03. The Circle Stops Somewhere (MD2 Mello Mix) 04. The Circle Stops Somewhere (MD2 Hard Mix)