SP-X - Voltage

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  • Mmmmm, techno. When presented as it is here, it can make you feel warm, fuzzy and safe like no other style, despite the general brutality and unsettling pace of all the cantering lines around you. "Canter" is the operative word here; because that's exactly what SP-X's drums do from start to finish. "Suppressor Grid" is muscular and gallivanting, but remains contained within a grey-scale and dubby framework. Only some skimming, scraping claps and slinky hi-hats threaten to break out of the streamlined mould, as opposed to the Peter Van Hoesen remix which has globular synth lines marauding in every direction. The resulting bubbling tension never really dissipates nor discharges, perpetually building to a release which never comes. (The track's 5 AM wig-out potential is obvious.) "X-5684," meanwhile, keeps a little more in reserve, with moody and broody synth breakdowns sandwiched between relentless dubby kicks, scattered claps and tortured synth lines.
  • Tracklist
      A Suppressor Grid B1 Suppressor Grid (Peter Van Hoesen Remix) B2 X-5864