Joe Goddard - Gabriel

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  • There's a weird theological gravitas to the ringing hook of this EP's title track. When vocalist Valentina belts out the word "Gabrieeeeel" at various points throughout, you can't help but feel her despair. So strong is the vocal, in fact, that the whole track verges on all-out anthem, but cultured lyrics ("For he was stronger than I was but it's strength you can't sustain / Do not come to give me counsel you should beg forgiveness") and mature, well-defined drums mean the thing stands up to repeat listening. Goddard's most evolved solo work to date? Could well be. Sorry to be lazy, but the other two tracks are rather more Hot Chip-esque. "All I Know" has waify piano lines, wimpy male vocals and lingering organ chords all meandering around each other to form a sombre, downbeat bouncer. The thing unfurls over nine lazy minutes where "Jump" crunks from the off. There's a heavy-footed, elephantine pomp to the bottom end which can't help but bring a smile to your face as glassy keys and fizzy synths squirm above.
  • Tracklist
      01. Gabriel 02. All I Know 03. Jump 04. Gabriel (Dub)