Soft Rocks - We Hunt Buffalo Now

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  • After releasing over a dozen beguiling, befuddling, and playful disco edits, the four Brighton blokes that comprise Soft Rocks are finally churning out their own original productions. The first single from their forthcoming album, The Curse of Soft Rocks, is a curious beast. Featuring the vocals of one-time Patrick Cowley vocalist Jorge Socarras, "We Hunt Buffalo Now" is a monstrous, dub-submerged affair, as low-slung as they come. Socarras is playful with the lines, sounding like he's putting a lime in a coconut over a thunderous and slow break that sounds like Sly Dunbar trying to break a levee. Add to it a snake-charming violin break, dropping asteroid sounds, and you have a head-nodding/ head-scratching track. Andrew Weatherall's take reveals the inherent Elvis-ness of Socarras' vocal, spraying bits of glitter with each platform-booted stomp, remaking it into an oddly rockabilly-indebted remix. What sounds like a siren turns into a woman's wail and back into a strangulated horn sound. Somehow, it perfectly echoes a randomly injected woman's voice heard about midway through the original: "What the fuck does that mean, 'buffalo-hunting'"? Thankfully, Soft Rocks provide no answers.
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      A We Hunt Buffalo Now B We Hunt Buffalo Now (Andrew Weatherall Remix)